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Monday, October 31, 2016

Past Half 2016

Hi there!
Oh my! I cant believe this is my first blog post this year 2016! Where have I been all this time?
Well, I'm preoccupied with many other things that's why I put this blogging thing behind and now I feel so guilty and lame coz I cant keep up with this blogging thing. Anyway, I got a few adventures to talk about so wait until I'm done with my journal. I'm going to post about my adventures here soon so watch out for it and keep posted. (char lang!)

By the way, today's October 31...so Happy Halloween! I dunno why u should be happy on a halloween when you're supposed to be scared because of all these spooky/scray creatures lurking out. I post this question on my FB timeline and I got a logical answer from a college classmate: "Because it's holiday!" Tama nga naman. He has a point. And Im happy coz October 31 is declared as a special non-working holiday.

No work today so I just stayed at home watching movies/going through my social accounts, listen to music, and just chill...

I love days like these...when u just stay at home and do anything you want. I'm enjoying my staycation and savoring every moment of it because it's not everyday that you can stay at home like this...

That's all for now. Catch up soon!


Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: 365/365

These photos sum up my year 2015!!!

2015 had been a roller coaster ride--it has its ups and down. But with the help of  my family and friends and also with the help and guidance of the Almighty, I made it through!!!

I must say also that year 2015 is a kaleidoscope of  happenings and experiences in my life.


Let's start the year with a bang! =)

Work in the office starts with a bang when my Supervisor handed me the responsibility of handling applications of clients as well as marketing condominium of this supposed to be joint venture between my agency and this private company. It was at first challenging for me as I had to deal with probable clients and market condos it to the
 Here's a picture of me and Ivy...photo taken while on field at the City Hall



ON VALENTINES DAY, we had a family dinner at Grand Caprice Restaurant at Lim Ketkai. We were complete at that time. My brother, who is currently reviewing for his board exam at that time, was in CDO for he has to process his documents and papers for his graduation.

On the picture from L-R: Ken, Gelo, Me and Mama


The GC Girls had a reunion since Liesbeth is in town. It's hard to catch up with Liesbeth. She works for an NGO called Balay Mindanao and she works outside CDO, mostly in Visayas area. That's why when she called for a reunion, the girls instantly gather up!

GC Girls was formed on year 2007. The members of this group are classmates on my senior high school year...

That nigh, we had dinner at Grand Central followed by a Karaoke night at Song Hits...which eventually lead to an unexpected situation. One my friends got really drunk that night that we had to bring her to her mother (who's waiting for her).

I miss going out with them. I hope by next year I can spend more time with them and I hope that we'll have more of food trips and karaoke nights and travel together.


Catching up with the Ngoys...with Chinita Cycy, Red-face Judee and Madam Kaye


It's kind of busy at the office as we are preparing for the Groundbreaking Ceremony! 

On the picture above: That's our District 1 Manager beside me and next to her is my new office mate, Dawn.



It's my brother's graduation day! He finished Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering (BS ECE)...way to go bro!


Here's one of the many pictures I had with P4. This one was taken at Tokyo Bubble Tea, Centrio on the day before the Holy Week Break.

Itinerary on that day: Tokyo Bubble Tea - Movie: Home - Cathedral for Confession (except for Boy)


Auntie Ahmai and her whole family are in CDO. They'll be spending their Holy Week in the City.


with my cousins


Burger night


Dinner with the college barkada...it's rare to be with these people nowadays due to different schedules of work and priorities.

If my memory serves me right, prior to this dinner, I watched a movie with Kaye and Hearty...then after that we had dinner at Panagatan, Centrio...

On the picture from L-R: Me, Hearty, Kaye, Jude, Panggoy a.k.a Jazmine, and Jess

After dinner, Rexter and Kristine came and join us....and then we went to High Ridge--the Ultimate View On Top! The place is located at Upper Macasandig and it  gives you an overlooking view of the City! It's my first time there and I like the ambiance of the place...



NHA Annual HRD / Summer Escapade

For most of us in the office, we always look forward to the month of May because it's that time of the year when we take off from our work and daily routines and go somewhere to relax, enjoy, wander, and indulge ourselves in fun activities.

This year, we had our Summer Outing at the Island of Camiguin


EM GIRLS- Janeene, Giselle and Dawn

Manguli ta sa Bohol....

As a descendant of Dagohoy...I mean as a person with a Bol-anon blood running through me (kaliwat Bol-anon), May or Mayo wont be complete without coming home to your homeland, dear Province of Bohol...it's a tradition which run for ages and even until now.

Almost every May, I go to Bohol and pay a visit to my elders and relatives there...it's also a good place to unwind and escape the bustling city and enjoy a great time with family and friends.

On the picture above, that was when I just arrived at my Grandmother's place.
L-R: My cousin Mirasol, Me, Mama, my cousin Patrick, and my second-degree cousin's daughter Joy2x

Let's get cooking

On the picture above, that's my Uncle cooking humba!! Oh my...it may be sinful to eat a high-cholestrol food but

chill sa aking duyan








365/365. Year 2015 is finally coming to its end. It's a bittersweet memory. A mix of emotions. A kaleidoscope of events.

No more crying of  the past. No more thinking of regrets. Life is what you make it. 

I thank the Lord for the year that has been. It was a wonderful ride, I say. I thank the Lord for the wonderful people I'm with and for the wonderful places I've seen and for the wonderful memories I had.

Now here's for the year that had been: Good bye 2015! You made me into who I AM today!

"Let's celebrate endings as they precede beginnings!"

with so much love,